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Collect important memories in Moldova while discovering its natural attractions. Visit Orheiul Vechi - a 40 thousand year-old natural amphitheater, discover Saharna and Tipova Monasteries – an unusual landscape with many waterfalls and meet the bisons at “Padurea Domneasca” Nature Reserve.


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Itinerary A day-by-day plan to guide your journey. Download PDF

Day 1: Arrival day

On arrival at Chisinau International Airport, you will be transferred to your accommodation in Chisinau. After settling in, you can have a walk through downtown and explore the city centre on your own.

Day 2: Orheiul Vechi - a 40 thousand year-old natural amphitheater

The day will begin with Chisinau city tour. Chisinau is the main administrative, scientific and cultural centre of Moldova. During the tour, you will discover pieces of history and culture of the city such as the Nativity of Christ Cathedral, the Bell Tower, the Arch of Triumph, the Monument of Stephen the Great, etc.

After Chisinau city tour, the day will continue with the excursion at the National Museum of Ethnography and Natural History built in 1905 in the oriental style, thus being a unique building of this kind in Moldova. Here, you will discover famous archaeological treasures, carpets, national costumes and other valuable exhibits and you will be able to see the “millenary smile” of the nicest deinotherium of Moldova.

Next, you will have lunch at a restaurant in Chisinau where you will taste traditional Moldovan dishes.

After lunch, you will set off on a time travel to Orheiul Vechi (Old Orhei) to see a natural amphitheater revealing a territory which was first inhabited 40 000 years ago. The Cultural, Natural and Landscape Reserve Orheiul Vechi includes a series of historical and cultural monuments as well as natural landscapes in the gorge of the Raut River. Ancient fortifications, cave monasteries, monks and hermits – here you can follow the history of this region.

The remnants of the first human settlements were found in the stone caverns from here. On the rocky hill, you will find the ruins of a strong Geto-Dacian fortification, which acted as a sanctuary for celebrating religious holidays and rituals in this prehistoric community. The originality of Orheiul Vechi landscape is due to the gorge of the Raut River, dug under the form of a canyon in the limestone layers of the former Sarmatian Sea, about 14 million years ago.

After visiting Orheiul Vechi, you will return to Chisinau where you will have dinner. During dinner at the restaurant, you will be enveloped in the traditional atmosphere, created by the traditional style of the restaurant, the traditional dishes and of course the traditional live music show – the special flavor of the restaurant.

HIGHLIGHTS: Chisinau city, National Museum of Ethnography and Natural History, Cultural, Natural and Landscape Reserve Orheiul Vechi

Day 3: Discovery of Saharna and Tipova Monasteries – an unusual landscape with many waterfalls

In the morning you will visit Saharna Monastery - one of the oldest monasteries in the country. The monastic complex is composed of a cave monastery (the Annunciation) and a stone monastery (the St. Trinity). The complex is located in a picturesque valley on the right bank of the Dniester River, near Saharna village. It is surrounded by rocks covered by forest. The legend says that the Virgin Mary left her footprint on the highest rock, named Grimidon. The history of the monastery is little known. The first prior of the holy place is considered the monk Bartholomew (1776-1790) who settled in a deep gorge, built a church, a few cells and enclosed the monastery with a stone wall.

In Saharna you will enjoy the beautiful landscape created by the waterfalls. The River Saharna has 22 waterfalls on its way. The biggest waterfall is 4.5 m high.

Then, you will travel to Lalova village where you will have lunch at a local guesthouse.

After lunch, you will discover Tipova Cave Monastery. Located near Tipova village, the monastery with the same name is considered one of the oldest monastic establishments on the territory of Moldova. The heritage, which consists of 18 rooms, dug into the rock at an astounding altitude, represents an impressive museum in the open air. The Tipova River, on its flow to the Dniester, creates many waterfalls with the height above 10-16 meters, which a long time ago used to move the millstones of the numerous watermills.

After visiting Tipova Cave Monastery, you will return to Chisinau, where during dinner at the restaurant you will enjoy dishes specific to European cuisine.

HIGHLIGHTS: Saharna Monastery, Tipova Cave Monastery


What's included

  • 4 nights accommodation in a double (DBL) or twin (TWN) room at the hotel of your choice in Chisinau;
  • Breakfast at the hotel of your choice;
  • Lunch on day 2, 3, 4 of the itinerary;
  • Dinner on day 2, 3, 4 of the itinerary;
  • Excursions on the entire itinerary;
  • Entrance fees according to the itinerary;
  • Transportation during the entire itinerary;
  • English speaking guide;
  • Drinking water (2 bottles of 500 ml per person per day).