5 days / 4 nights
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This guided tour takes you on wine route in Moldova, offering you a fascinating travel experience while having wine tasting and lunch at the wineries included in the itinerary! Each day of this journey offers unique experiences with insights into the uniqueness and splendors of wineries, such as Château Cojusna (Migdal-P), Poiana, Vinaria din Vale, Karagani, Vinuri de Comrat, Milestii Mici. You will experience a journey you will never forget!


Chisinau city


Château Cojusna...


Poiana winery


Folk program in Valeni


Prutul de Jos (Lower...


Vinaria din Vale winery


Karagani winery


Gagauz Sofrasi guesthouse


National Gagauz Museum of...


Vinuri de Comrat winery


Milestii Mici winery



Itinerary A day-by-day plan to guide your journey. Download PDF

Day 1: Arrival day and Chisinau city tour

On arrival at Chisinau International Airport, you will be transferred to your accommodation in Chisinau. After settling in, you will enjoy the city tour of Chisinau that is the main administrative, scientific and cultural centre of Moldova. During the tour, you will discover pieces of history and culture of the city such as the Nativity of Christ Cathedral, the Bell Tower, the Arch of Triumph, the Monument of Stephen the Great, etc. During this panoramic tour, you will be introduced to Moldovan wines during a visit at a local wine shop where you’ll get the chance to taste wines produced from local grape varieties.

In the evening, you will enjoy the dinner at a restaurant in Chisinau.

HIGHLIGHTS: Chisinau city

Day 2: Discovery of Château Cojusna (Migdal-P) and Poiana wineries

In the morning, you will discover Château Cojusna (Migdal-P) winery in Cojusna village. Here you will enjoy a tour through the complex, where you will discover the underground streets, the tasting rooms and climb to the roof of the château where you will see the panorama of Cojusna village and the vineyards of the winery. The wines produced in Cojusna can be tasted in two special rooms - one of them has an atmosphere of Medieval Moldovan cellar and it is trimmed with natural tree and stone, the other one has a European classic style. After the excursion, you will enjoy a wine tasting at the winery.

In the afternoon, you will travel to Ulmu village where in the very heart of the Moldovan Codru, 30 km from the capital, in a picturesque forest zone, Poiana winery is located. The main goal of Poiana winery is to use all of the natural resources the Codru forest zone has to offer. This is why, a zone called “Eco Areal” was created where different grape varieties are grown with old technologies. Poiana winery is a relatively small establishment that produces 20 000 bottles per year. However, it is already famous outside its home country.

Finally, you will enjoy the day in Valeni village, where you will check in at a local guesthouse and have dinner in a wonderful traditional atmosphere created by the live music show of the local folk ensemble.

HIGHLIGHTS: Château Cojusna (Migdal-P) winery, Poiana winery, Folk program in Valeni

Day 3: Familiarization with the tastes of Karagani wines and Gagauz cuisine at Karagani family winery

You will start the day by travelling to Prutul de Jos (Lower Prut) Nature Reserve and Beleu Lake. The reserve was founded on a swampy land of a former estuary of the Prut River. It was created in 1991 to protect the flora and fauna of Beleu Lake and the Prut River surroundings. Beleu Lake occupies about one third of the Nature Reserve, and the rest of the territory is made up of a network of ponds that together form a unique ecosystem of national and international importance. Beleu Lake is a relict of the Danube – of around five to six thousand years old – and is therefore of great interest as a nature monument of immense scientific, cultural and aesthetic value. In the nature reserve you can find almost all the species of water plants and animals native to Moldova. Here you will see many species of birds including cormorants, white storks, swans, glossy ibises, white kingfishers, little egrets, big egrets, herons.

Next, you will visit Vinaria din Vale - a 20 years old family winery located in Slobozia Mare village in a very picturesque region of the country. Here you will enjoy an excursion and wine tasting and will have the possibility to admire the beautiful landscape surrounding the winery. The winery produces several international and local varieties such as Feteasca Alba and Feteasca Neagra.

You will continue your trip to Karagani family winery located in Vulcanesti, in the southern part of Moldova. This small family enterprise is engaged in grape cultivation and wine production. Karagani wines are produced by original technology from selected grapes of European and national varieties, grown on its own vineyards. On this land, you will discover the tastes of Karagani wines and the specificity of Gagauz cuisine, while tasting Gagauz dishes such as shorpa (a highly seasoned mutton soup), gözleme (flat breads) and bulgur.

Later this day you will check in at a local guesthouse in Congaz village where you will enjoy an excursion and dinner. The pension is located in the largest and densely populated village of Europe and is a typically Gagauz house of the 19th century.

HIGHLIGHTS: Prutul de Jos (Lower Prut) Nature Reserve , Vinaria din Vale winery , Karagani winery, Gagauz Sofrasi guesthouse


What's included

  • 2 nights accommodation in a double (DBL) or twin (TWN) room at the hotel of your choice in Chisinau;
  • 1 night accommodation at the guesthouse in Valeni village;
  • 1 night accommodation at the guesthouse in Congaz village;
  • Breakfast at the hotel/guesthouse;
  • Lunch on day 2, 3, 4 of the itinerary;
  • Dinner on day 1, 2, 3 of the itinerary;
  • Excursions on the entire itinerary;
  • Entrance fees according to the itinerary;
  • Tasting of 5 types of wine at Château Cojusna (Migdal-P) winery, 7 types of wine at Poiana winery, 3 types of wine at Vinaria din Vale winery, 5 types of wine at Karagani winery, 5 types of wine at Vinuri de Comrat winery and 3 types of wine at Milestii Mici winery;
  • Folk program in Valeni village;
  • Transportation during the entire itinerary;
  • English speaking guide.