This day is dedicated to underground wine cellars discovery. You will enjoy an excursion and wine tasting at Milestii Mici (200 km) and Cricova wineries (120 km) – the largest wine cellars in the world! Also, you will discover Pivnitele din Branesti winery where you will have an excursion, wine tasting and lunch. The indicated price is for a group of 2 people. The gift certificate can be purchased by filling in the form below with the phone number and email address or by ordering it by e-mail: In 24 hours our consultant will contact you to confirm the order and specify the payment method. The gift certificate can be used within 12 months after the date of issue.


Milestii Mici winery


Pivnitele din Branesti...


Cricova winery



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Day 1: Enjoy visiting 3 wineries during one day – Milestii Mici, Pivnitele din Branesti and Cricova

In the morning, you will take a ride to Milestii Mici winery located at a depth of 40-85 m in Milestii Mici village. Measuring about 200 km, all underground streets make up the largest network of caves ever dug by a human being, which appeared after the extraction of limestone deposits. The winery holds an impressive collection of more than 2 million bottles. The "Golden Collection" of  Milestii Mici winery, which has over 1,5 million bottles, is the pride of the whole country, as in August, 2005, it was registered in the Guinness World Records as the biggest wine collection in the world.  You will feel like a king/ queen here, admiring the beauty of this place and tasting wines in which you will feel the fire of sun and vigor of earth.

Next, you will enjoy an excursion, wine tasting and lunch at Pivnitele din Branesti winery located in the forest near Orheiul Vechi in Branesti village. It has 50 km of underground cellars, reaching to depths of 60 m beneath the surface. There are two tasting halls at Branesti, one of which is located underground. The halls are decorated with wood and metal that reproduce images related to vine cultivation and winemaking. You will have lunch at the Stone Age Complex of Pivnitele din Branesti winery where thanks to the absence of internet and mobile communications you can escape from civilization and city noise.

The last stop of the day will be at Cricova winery – the only wine enterprise that was awarded the highest state prize “The Order of the Republic” and has been declared by law a national cultural heritage. During the excursion at Cricova winery in the tourist train, at a depth of 80 m, you will discover the wonders of this place. Cricova underground galleries are formed by over seventy streets covering an area of nearly 120 km, each bearing Bacchic names: Sauvignon, Cabernet, Cahors, etc. The jewel of the underground treasure is the National Collection, including over 600 types of wine totaling about 1 million bottles. Here you will admire the oldest bottle of wine - "Jewish Easter Wine", dating from 1902 and discover the tastes of Cricova wines.

This tour is not organized on Sundays.

HIGHLIGHTS: Milestii Mici winery, Pivnitele din Branesti winery, Cricova winery


What's included

  • Excursions on the entire itinerary;
  • Tasting of 3 types of wine at Milestii Mici winery, 3 types of wine at Pivnitele din Branesti winery and 4 types of wine at Cricova winery;
  • Lunch at Pivnitele din Branesti winery;
  • Transportation during the entire itinerary;
  • English speaking guide.