4 days / 3 nights
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Enjoy a wine tasting, blending and pairing in Moldova and let yourself discover the tasty traditional dishes from Moldovan cuisine. You will enjoy a wine tasting and food and wine pairing at Chateau Purcari winery. You will be acquainted with the taste of 5-10 years old spirits at Kvint wine and brandy factory and enjoy caviar tasting at Aquatir Sturgeon Complex. While visiting Castel Mimi winery you will be amazed by the beauty of the castle, which is currently listed among the most beautiful architectural masterpieces in the world of wine. At Castel Mimi you will taste delicious wines and have dinner at its restaurant.


Chisinau city


Castel Mimi winery


Château Purcari winery


Asconi winery


Aquatir Sturgeon Complex


Tiraspol city


Kvint wine and brandy...



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Day 1: Castel Mimi winery – one of the most beautiful architectural masterpieces in the world of wine

On arrival at Chisinau International Airport, you will enjoy a city tour of Chisinau which is the main administrative, scientific and cultural centre of Moldova. During the tour, you will discover pieces of history and culture of the city such as the Nativity of Christ Cathedral, the Bell Tower, the Arch of Triumph, the Monument of Stephen the Great, etc.

After the city tour, you will be transferred to your accommodation in Chisinau.

Next stop will be at Castel Mimi winery located in Bulboaca village - a destination of interest unique in Moldova. Castel Mimi is currently listed among the most beautiful architectural masterpieces in the world of wine. The story of the castle begins at the end of 1893, when Constantin Mimi, the last governor of Bessarabia, plants the first grape vines on the place that would become legend over the years. Here, you will taste Castel Mimi wines, including Rosu de Bulboaca wine, an incomparable wine with outstanding features and elegant flavor. You will enjoy a tasty dinner at Castel Mimi restaurant.

HIGHLIGHTS: Chisinau city, Castel Mimi winery

Day 2: Wine blending masterclass at Château Purcari winery

In the morning, you will travel to Château Purcari winery in Purcari village. If you are a wine enthusiast or just love to be in beautiful, pristine surroundings and listening the songs of birds, Purcari estate is definitely the place you need to visit. The old mansion’s galleries feature great collections of Purcari wines, some bottles dating back to 1948. The winery is famous all over the world due to the legendary wine “Negru de Purcari” - the elixir that in 1878 was highly appreciated on the international arena by being awarded the gold medal at Paris World Exhibition. In the tasting room, decorated in royal style, you will have the opportunity to taste Purcari wines that have been the choice of some of the world's most recognized dignitaries. You will also enjoy lunch at the winery.

After lunch, you will enjoy a wine blending masterclass. It’s a technological operation of wine production consisting in mixing in certain ratios different wines. By blending different varieties of grapes instead of using a single grape variety, the winemakers are able to produce a more complex and well-rounded wine with enhanced aromas, flavors, color and texture. Participants themselves will be able to mix wines according to their own taste.

Next, you will visit Asconi winery founded in 1994 and located in Puhoi village. The winery achieved a lot due to modern wine making technologies. Nowadays at Asconi estate European varieties are grown, but special attention is paid to indigenous varieties such as Rara Neagra, Feteasca, etc. One of the features of Asconi winery is that they pick up the grapes mechanically at night when the grapes are still cold. During the excursion, wine tasting and dinner at the winery you will be able to discover the wonders of this place.

HIGHLIGHTS: Château Purcari winery, Asconi winery

Day 3: Caviar and brandy tasting in Tiraspol

In the morning, you will set off on a time travel in Transnistria. While in Tiraspol, you will discover a real treasure – Aquatir Sturgeon Complex, one of the largest hatcheries in Europe. The complex is equipped with the latest technologies and the fish can reach the size of a man. You will get the chance to taste one of the most expensive culinary delights – caviar accompanied with a glass of sparkling wine or vodka.

In the afternoon, you will have lunch at Kumanek restaurant in Tiraspol. Ukrainian borsch with garlic donuts is one of the famous dishes of this restaurant.

During the city tour in Tiraspol, you will discover Vladimir Lenin’s monument and the tank left from the Second World War. The city seems to be a vestige of the Soviet past. Nevertheless, you will be amazed by the contrasts, one of which is the football complex „Sheriff” - a pearl of contemporary architecture.

After lunch, you will visit Kvint wine and brandy factory where harmony, refinement and tradition underlie the oldest and most genuine spirits. Here you will be acquainted with the taste of 5-10 years old spirits such as Kvint, Doina, Tiras, Nistru and Surprise.

In the evening, you will have dinner at a pub in Chisinau.

HIGHLIGHTS: Aquatir Sturgeon Complex, Tiraspol city, Kvint wine and brandy factory


What's included

  • 3 nights accommodation in a double (DBL) or twin (TWN) room at the hotel of your choice in Chisinau;
  • Breakfast at the hotel of your choice;
  • Lunch on day 2, 3 of the itinerary;
  • Brunch on day 4 of the itinerary;
  • Dinner on day 1, 2, 3 of the itinerary;
  • Excursions on the entire itinerary;
  • Entrance fees according to the itinerary;
  • Tasting of 4 types of wine at Сastel Mimi winery, 5 types of wine at Château Purcari winery and 3 types of wine at Asconi winery;
  • Tasting of 2 types of caviar at Aquatir Sturgeon Complex;
  • Tasting of 5 types of brandy at Kvint wine and brandy factory;
  • Food and wine pairing masterclass;
  • Transportation during the entire itinerary;
  • English speaking guide.